Use this whale crochet pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs to add a nautical flare to your next crochet project!
Nautical nurseries and baby gifts are so popular right now. If David and I had a little boy, we had planned on going with that trend – sailboats, plaid, whales. Since we just have girls, we don’t have a nautical bedroom, but I still enjoy making things for little boys. This adorable whale crochet pattern is perfect for nautical blankets, hats, and other crocheted gifts. They’re simple to whip up and look perfect in so many colors.
If you’d like to make your own, here’s how.
-small amount of worsted weight yarn in blue (Vanna’s Choice – Blue Bell if you want it to look like
 mine), white, and black
-Tapestry needle

-stitch marker

Use this whale crochet pattern to add a nautical feel to your next crochet project. This free crochet pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs is quick and easy to make!

Want to make this whale crochet pattern for yourself?

With blue yarn, ch 2.
Round 1: 10 hdc in first chain from hook (place stitch marker in the first chain from hook). Don’t slip stitch in the top of the first hdc. (10 stitches)
Round 2: 2 hdc in each stitch around. (20)
Round 3: 1 hdc in the first stitch, 2 hdc in the next stitch around until you reach the last four stitches. Sl stitch in the last four stitches and in the first hdc of the round. (24 hdc, 5 sl st)
At the end of round 3, you will begin working the “tail.”
After round three, don’t cut your yarn. ch 8. hdc in the second ch from hook and in the next two stitches (you will have 3 chains remaining… we will use those later) . Then, ch 4. hdc in the second chain from hook and in the next two stitches. Now, you’ll be working in those unused chains. hdc in the first, dc in the next, tr in the last. To finish, you will sl st to attach the tail to the whale. To find the stitch where you should join, count three stitches up from the last sl st of round 3.
Now it’s time to make the “splash” at the top of the whale’s head, join white yarn in the seventh stitch from the tail.
ch 6. sc in the second stitch from the hook and in the next stitch (there will be two unused chains). Then, ch 3. sc in the second chain from the hook and in the next stitch. Sc in the two unused stitches and sl st to join to the whale.

Use black yarn to make a French knot for the whale’s eye and to embroider a mouth. Now you’re finished! Use this whale to embellish a hat or baby blanket for the next baby shower you’re attending.

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