Fingerprint Craft {Birdie Stationery}
Let’s just face it. Some moms are hard to shop for. They aren’t “knick knack” people and if they need something, they buy it. That’s my mom. Since finding something at the store is a tough task, last year, Riley and I made these adorable notecards for my mom and my mother-in-law. They were a hit, and I’ve even made some for myself – who doesn’t love writing on adorable, homemade cards? 
It just happens to be a bonus that they’re easy and inexpensive to make. You can find all the supplies at Walmart and/or the local craft store. Want to make some with your little ones? You’ll have an adorable gift ready in no time. 

  • Blank notecards with envelopes. We found ours in the value section at Michael’s. They had a scalloped edge which added a nice touch.
  • Ink pads (we used Studio G) in lime green and other cute colors. These were also in the dollar section.
  • Wet wipes for easy finger cleaning between colors.
  • Brown and orange felt tipped markers (I had Crayola Super Tips on hand)
  • Fine point black pen (My favorite is the Pilot Precise V5)

Mothers Day Card Steps

  1. Draw a branch on your card using your brown marker. I wanted ours pretty uniform so our branches are basically the same shape. You can be creative, though, and make each one different.
  2. Have your child place fingerprint leaves on the branches using the green ink pad. Wipe the finger off with a baby wipe. Use one of the other colors (or two) to make birds on the branches.
  3. Use your markers and pen to draw the “features” on your birds. Be sure to add your child(ren)’s name and the year somewhere on the card.
  4. Use a pretty ribbon to make your cards look like a gift.

Fingerprint Cards
Now you’re ready to give your gift! You’ll have a very happy mom or grandma on your hands.

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