Am I the only crocheter who regularly starts a project without having time to finish? I count on having a few moments here and there but with two kids, a house, and life in general, it simply doesn’t happen. Case in point: I started this bright ripple blanket before Caroline entered the world. As of yesterday, she’s nine months old. That’s ridiculous and embarrassing, my friends. 
I’ve been taking a quasi break from custom orders so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish up some of my works in progress. This fun blanket is pretty high on the “to complete” list. I also need to make gifts for friends who are having babies. One of my crochet goals for 2013 is to broaden my horizons so don’t expect to see owl hats for all these gifts. 
Anyways, if you’re interested in making your own blanket, you can find the free pattern here. Lucy of Attic 24 provides detailed instructions for making a blanket in any size you’d like. It’s a simple pattern with adorable results – I highly recommend it.  As you can tell from the photos, even in its incomplete state, it gets the approval of my two chickadees. And yes, it definitely can double as a skirt – just in case you were wondering. 
And just when you thought I was finished with this post, I’m going to end with a question: Should I keep going with the six colors shown and make this a repeating pattern or should I go crazy and use completely different colors to finish? 

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