Lola the crocheted doll
As you may know, one of my goals with crocheting is to branch out. Sure, I’ve done tons of projects, but if you counted up the number of different patterns I’ve used, it wouldn’t be that many. I don’t have a certain number of patterns in mind for 2013, but I do want to spice things up a bit. At the beginning of last week, I found myself itching to pick up my hooks and try something new. Wanting to make something for the girls, I thought a cute doll might be fun.
I found this pattern on the Lily website. I modified it a little bit to suit my fancy – I didn’t join the rounds, just worked in a continuous spiral, and I used bigger hooks than the pattern called for. I used this tutorial for the hair (hair = time-consuming); it worked, but I would want to do it a little differently next time, I believe. For the time being, this little girl is still faceless. To be quite honest, I’m a little bit scared to mess her up with an attempt at embroidery.
I have absolutely no idea where the name Lola came from. I haven’t known anyone with the name, but a friend did name my silver coup Lola when I was in college. And, yes, I did have a friend who named cars.
Anyways, Lola is approximately 12 inches tall. I don’t think dolls will be on my hook regularly, but I’m at least going to make one more for Riley. She wants one with lots more pink than Lola is sporting. I’m thinking of adding a purple jacket and letting this one be Caroline’s.
Crochet Doll

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