How to Dye Pasta
Who knew that making colorful pasta was so easy? Perfect for noodle necklaces, crafts, and sensory play, rainbow noodles are a great way to brighten up the chilly winter days you might be enduring (I won’t tell you what the temperature is here in sunny Florida… you might be tempted to hate me). 
Dying the noodles is unbelievably simple – you’ll just need a few supplies and you can get to work. 
– various noodles 
– rubbing alcohol
– food coloring
– plastic cups or bowls
– plastic spoon
– collander
– lots of paper towels 🙂
Place a handful of noodles into a plastic cup. Cover the noodles with rubbing alcohol. Add approximately 25 drops of food coloring (I know it’s a lot, but this will help you achieve vibrant colors). Use the plastic spoon to stir until the food coloring is fully dispersed in the water. 
Repeat with different types of pasta and various colors. 
Allow pasta to sit in the mixture for approximately 2 hours. When your pasta is dyed to your liking, empty each color into the colander (one at a time) and spread onto a paper towel to dry. I suggest placing the paper towel in a baking dish because the food coloring may soak through to your counter. 
Once the pasta is completely dry, you’re ready to start crafting! 
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