multi colored striped beanie
I’ve really been having fun with these little striped beanies. To be honest, I hate weaving so many ends on a tiny little hat, but the finished product is so worth it! I have so many color combos I want to try. Also, if you could see my yarn stash, you’d see why I need to make about 35 of them this week. My husband probably wants me to make about 350 of them. 
I’m going to look into donating some to our semi-local children’s hospital. When the girls were born, I just got single color beanies, but I’m sure there’s no reason why I can’t donate this style. I don’t know if flowers are allowed. I’m definitely going to have to add checking into that to my to do list. I certainly love these huge flowers
multi colored striped beanie flower
I’ve also been having fun being behind my camera again. I really enjoy trying to get great photos of my hats. I’ve been putting my vinyl product backdrops to good use. If you’re looking for a great way to have consistent photos, I suggest snagging a couple on Etsy. I purchased mine from Swanky Prints.  Mine are just 12″ squares, but they work great for most hats. 

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