how to crochet a bookmark

I’ve always been a big reader, but I’ve never been a big bookmark user. I know it’s a bad idea, but I dog ear pages or stick some random item into the book to keep my place (think receipt, paper clip, etc.). I saw an idea on Instagram this week: crocheted bookmarks. Sounded like a win-win to me. Keep my place without ruining my book? Good plan. Write a new pattern for the blog? I’m always looking for fun ideas.
For the flower portion of the bookmark, I just used the simple daisy pattern that I posted on the blog earlier this week. You can find that here. These can be made in any color and embellished with bright colored buttons to make them super fun.
crochet bookmark pattern
Making the daisies into a bookmark is very easy. You can either keep reading or download a PDF version of this pattern here.
– daisy made from this pattern
– green worsted weight yarn

– G crochet hook

ch 7.
Row 1: sc in the second ch from hook, hdc in the next, dc in the next 2 stitches, hdc in the next, sc in the next stitch. ch 1.
Row 2: You aren’t going to turn the work like you normally would; instead, you’re going to be working into the other side of the leaf. sc in the first stitch, hdc in the next, dc in the next 2 stitches, hdc in the next, sc in the next stitch. sl st in the first sc.
 easy crocheted bookmark pattern
After you’ve finished the leaf, don’t cut your yarn. Chain until your bookmark has reached the length you want (I did about 45 stitches). Cut your yarn and leave a 6″ tail for sewing your leaf and chain onto the daisy.
These little bookmarks make great gifts, prizes for games, or party favors. I’m planning on making some  for the gift bags for my daughters’ bookworm birthday party that’s coming up later this month.

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