When you purchase crochet patterns on Etsy, chances are they’re going to be instant downloads. This is nice because within just a few minutes (in most cases), you’ll be able to download your pattern in just a couple of minutes and be working on a new project in no time flat.

Sometimes, I get emails from people letting me know that they’re not able to retrieve their patterns from their email. I think this is where some people get confused. Etsy sends you an email letting you know that your pattern is available for download, but they don’t actually send you your pattern via email. They actually have a spot on their website where you are able to login and download any pattern you’ve ever purchased on Etsy (as long as it’s an instant download).

Don’t worry… it won’t take you long to figure out. This video is under 2 minutes long!

Now you’re ready to start crocheting! But, before you go, let me leave you with a few of my favorite sources for crochet patterns on Etsy:

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