Baby Blanket:Random Kindness
Remember that easy crocheted blanket I messed up a while back? I made another one the right way this past week. I have unbelievable amounts of yarn in my stash so I’m trying desperately to deplete some of it. I added it to my Etsy shop in hopes of selling a ready-to-ship item – always nice! 
Then, on Tuesday, I was driving up our street and saw some balloons and a sign in a neighbors’ yard. The balloons were pink and the sign gave the stats for their new baby girl. Later that evening, David and I were talking about the sign, and an idea struck me. What if I took this blanket and gave it to the new family as a gift for their precious little girl? The family is brand new to our street and most of our neighbors are older – I’m sure it would be nice for them to know there are some people with little kiddos on the street.
Afraid that it might be a little weird, I went to my Facebook page to ask my “followers” about it. I couldn’t believe how quickly I started getting replies. Within an hour or so, the unanimous vote of over 60 of my “fans” was a resounding “YES!” Many mentioned how we need to go back to being more neighborly, etc. 
So, I’m going to do it. Tonight or tomorrow, I’m going to weave all my ends (yes, I’m that crocheter who puts it off as long as possible) and I’m going to wrap it up and deliver it this weekend. Hopefully, it will open the door to a friendship with a new mom and neighbor. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.
Have you ever done any random acts of kindness? Would you think it was wonderful or weird if a neighbor dropped off a handmade gift? I’d love to hear what you think.

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