simple flower crochet pattern
Here’s another crochet flower pattern.  This one is a little bit more involved and turns out much bigger (2.5 to 3 inches in diameter) than my tiny little flower.  It’s cute to attach on a hat or glue to an alligator clip to be worn in the hair or on a headband.  It also makes a great embellishment for totes, purses, and blankets.  
So here it is.  I suggest watching this about back post crochet stitches prior to starting if you’ve never done a back post single crochet.  
-Small amounts of worsted weight yarn
-H crochet hook
-Yarn needle for finishing off
Pattern Notes:
BPSC- Back Post Single Crochet 
Let me just make a suggestion!  Before you get scared reading the directions, get out a hook and some yarn and just give it a try.  It really is easier than it reads.  
Chain 2.
Round 1: Work 10 SC into the first chain.  SlSt in the top of the first SC.  (Change color after this round if you’d like a different color center).  Gently pull tail to tighten.
Round 2: *ch 2, skip 1 SC, SC in next stitch*  Complete four times.  ch 2, skip 1 SC, SlSt in the first chain 2 space to join.  (total of 5 chain 2 spaces)
Round 3:  Ch 2, 4 DC, SlSt in the same ch 2 space. *SlSt, ch2, 4 DC, ch1, SlSt* in each remaining chain 2 space.  You will have 5 petals when you finish this round.  
Round 4:  Ch 1, *BPSC around the post of the SC on round 2.  CH 3.* Complete 5 times.  Sl stitch in the first BPSC to make the last ch 3 space.  
Round 5:  *SlSt, Ch 2, 5 DC, ch 1, SlSt* in each ch 3 space.  You should now have a second row of petals behind the first. 

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