Doesn’t it always seem like it’s a struggle to strike a balance in life? There are always 587 things that I could be doing around my house – organizing, doing laundry, dusting. Most of the time, it’s the crocheting that gets set on the back burner; but if I’m honest, crocheting is what I’d rather be doing a most of the time.

As someone who blogs mainly about the fiber arts, you’d be shocked to find out how little I’m able to crochet. To keep a blog running, there’s so much to do that doesn’t involve hooks and yarn. Sure, there are weeks that every extra second is spent finishing up a baby blanket. There are also days that I hardly ever move from the couch trying to finish up a new pattern. Those times are few and far between.

This little phrase made me smile when I saw it somewhere. Just because it comes first in the dictionary doesn’t mean it comes first in life. But just because it doesn’t come first in life doesn’t mean this print wouldn’t look adorable in your craft room.

This is an 8×10 print and it is available as a free download. If you’d like to download it, click here.

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