ripple blanket 3
Ripple blankets are so much fun. After you get the pattern in your head, they’re easy with a beautiful result. I’m pretty sure this blanket is the biggest item I’ve made – I haven’t measured it, but it’s definitely big enough to cover me from my waist to my toes (and I’m a pretty tall girl). I was planning on using it as a baby gift, but I’m afraid it ended up too big for that. 
ripple blanket 4
I was really excited about the color combination, but I’m not sure the final result is as “stunning” as I was hoping. While I am happy with it, it’s not quite what I had envisioned. 
ripple blanket 2
I’ve also determined that taking pictures of large blankets isn’t fun. It’s challenging and difficult to get a good shot of a all the colors when there isn’t a repeating pattern. All in all, it was a fun project and it turned out nice enough, but it’s not something I will be making over and over again as a gift. 

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