Rainbow ripple blanket

I made a little more progress on my crochet ripple blanket last night. Now that I’ve added another some more rows to my rainbow baby blanket, I’m not quite sure what I think about the purple. To me, the purple is a good addition to the scheme, but I’m not liking it beside the blue.
I guess I have several options:
  1. Leave it as is. It looks nice, why worry about it?
  2. Take it out and rearrange the purple. It could go between the pink and the white or between the white and the yellow.
  3. Go back to my original color scheme.
I was so excited about the original idea, I’m strongly considering that option. I could also just finish this blanket and then go back and do one in the original color scheme since I’m not thrilled about the idea of pulling out seven rows.
If you want to let me know what I should do, visit my Facebook page – I’ve asked for the opinions of my followers and I’ve gotten it! I’d love to hear what you think!


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