owly hat bow

Regardless of how much I love flowers, sometimes I get tired of using them to embellish every hat, headband, and bag that I make. After making two owl hats for my friend’s little girls, I decided to whip out a couple bows to stick on the top. They’re super quick, extremely easy, and turn out really cute.


Here’s how you can make your own:
Supplies you’ll need to grab:
  • yarn (I used a cotton worsted)
  • crochet hook (I)
  • large-eyed needle
  • alligator clip
  • hot glue gun
Here’s the pattern:
Ch 12.
Row 1: HDC in the 3 ch from hook and in each stitch across (11 including the starting ch). Ch 2, turn.
Rows 2-5: HDC in each stitch across.(11). Ch 2, turn.
Row 6 (worked around the edge): SC evenly around. Work 2 in each corner st. Finish off.

To finish your bow, wrap yarn around the center (I probably wrapped 15 times, but if you like a big fat center, keep going) and tie off. I used the same color yarn, but it would be cute to use a coordinating color, too. Make the bow pretty and attach to an alligator clip with the hot glue gun.

After your done, stick the bow in a little girl’s hair and let her enjoy.


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