daisy pattner pin

Here’s another flower I created this weekend. I love the larger center, lack of gaps, and ease of this double-layer daisy.
For those of you who are scared of new stitches, there’s no back post single crochet!
Grab the following items and give it a try:
Small amounts of worsted weight yarn, 2 colors (I used Sugar ‘n’ Cream Robin’s Egg Blue and Tangerine)
F crochet hook (unless you crochet loosely, then I’d suggest using a G hook)
Yarn needles
Something to embellish
Notes: BLO means work in the back loop of the stitch only. FLO means to work in the front loop.
Ch 2.
Round 1: 6 SC in the first chain. Don’t slip stitch to join.
Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around (12 in all). Sl st in BLO of the next stitch.
Round 3: We’re creating the back row of petals first. *Ch 3, skip 1, sc in BLO of next stitch.* Five times. Ch 3, sl st in first ch 3 space to join.  You should now have 6 ch 3 spaces.
Round 4: Ch 2, 5 dc, ch 2, sl st. Work *Sl st , ch 2, 5 dc, ch 2, sl st* in each of the remaining ch 3 spaces. You should have 6 petals. Cut yarn.
not much to look at yet
Round 5: Join your second color yarn in any of the front loops that you left unworked. *ch 2, skip 1, sc in FLO of next stitch* five times. Ch 2, sl st in the first ch 2 space to join.
Round 6: Ch 2, 4 dc, ch 2, sl st. Work *Sl st , ch 2, 4 dc, ch 2, sl st* in each of the remaining ch 3 spaces. You should now have 6 petals in front of your original row of petals.
I attached my finished flower to a simple, double-stranded headband using a small felt circle and hot glue.
My finished product looks like this.  I love how the ribbon closure makes these headbands adjustable.  This headband will fit my 1 year old or a 6 year old.  This headband will be available in the Daisy Cottage Designs shop when we reopen!
Please put a link back to this pattern if you share or sell an item using this.

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