Free Crochet Patterns {Granny Square Baby Blanket}

Free Crochet Pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

Of all the items I’ve ever had in my Etsy shop, I get more convos asking me for a free crochet pattern for this granny square baby blanket than any of the others. I love the neutral colors found in this blanket – they’re perfect for any little baby – and I think everyone else must, too.

This particular blanket is just a “lovey” (approximately 18″ square) but this pattern is easily expanded to make it full-sized. Want to make your own? Keep reading to find out how.

-Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn in Seaspray, Snow, and Stone.
I crochet hook
-Scissors and Tapestry Needle

-dc cluster = 3 dc into the same stitch

Free Granny Square crochet pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

Round 1: Using your first color, ch 3. 2 dc into the first ch, ch 1. *dc cluster into the same stitch, ch 1* 3 times. Sl st to the top of the beginning ch. You will have four dc clusters and 4 ch 1 spaces at the end of this round.

Free Granny Square Crochet Pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs


Round 2: Sl st in the next two stitches and into ch 1 space. Ch 2, 2 dc into the same ch 1 space. Ch 1, dc cluster into the same ch 1 space. *dc cluster, ch 1, dc cluster in the next ch 1 space* around. Sl st to the top of the first ch 2. At the end of this round you should have 8 dc clusters and 4 ch 1 spaces.

Round 3: Sl st in the next two stitches and into the ch 1 space. Ch 2, 2 dc into the same ch 1 space. Ch 1, dc cluster into the same ch 1 space. Dc cluster into the space between the clusters on the previous round. *dc cluster, ch 1, dc cluster in the next ch 1 space. dc cluster into the space between the clusters on the previous row* around. Sl st to the top of the first ch 2. At the end of this round you should shave 12 dc clusters and 4 ch 1 spaces.
Granny Square Blanket Tutorial Text
For all of the remaining rounds, you will be continuing in the same manner. You will work two double crochet clusters into each corner, with a ch 1 in between them.  You will work 1 dc cluster into each space between the clusters in the previous round. 
When it’s time to change colors, cut your first color and weave ends. Join your second color in any of the ch 1 spaces. You will then continue the same pattern with the next color.

For the blanket is shown above, you will do:
     6 rounds of Seaspray
     2 rounds of Snow
     2 rounds of Stone
     2 rounds of Seaspray
     2 rounds of Snow
     2 rounds of Stone
     2 rounds of Seaspray


Round 1: hdc around the entire blanket working 3 hdc into each corner stitch. Cut yarn and weave ends. 
Round 2: You’ll now be working a picot edging. Join white yarn using a slip stitch  *sc in the next five stitches, ch 3, hdc in the first chain* around. I like to have a picot in each corner so I fiddle with the stitches between picots to make that happen. I used to have a cow if the spaces weren’t exact, but I’ve come to realize that once the blanket is finished, you won’t even notice! 
Granny Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
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  1. beautiful! i love your ideas!

  2. this is beautiful, love the colours and your crochet is so very neat x

  3. wundervoll!<br />tolle Farben!<br />Liebe Grüße,*Manja*

  4. This is gorgeous and exactly what I was unknowingly looking for.

  5. Is this just one skein of each color?

  6. Hi, I need to substitute the yarn used as I live in the U.K. &amp; can&#39;t get this yarn. Is it one ball of yarn for each colour? I will need to work out how many yards/metres I will need to use.<br />Many thanks,<br />Jules

  7. I think I&#39;m absolutely in love with the color combo in this beautiful Granny Square Baby Blanket ! I too as well would like to know how many skeins in the different colors were used for this blanket ? Thank you

    • kayla says:

      I’m having a hard do I begin a new row without having to cut the yarn, every row I do I have to cut it, its annoying I have a hard time.adding a chain.and Continue

      • Lauren says:

        I just cut it every time. I’m sure there’s a way to avoid that, but I haven’t researched it.

  8. i was reading the blog and i think that this information is going to help me a lot. i will also share this to my friends and i&#39;m pretty sure they will also learn and come back often.<br /><br />

  9. I&#39;m confused in Rnd 1. After I make the 2 dc in the first ch stitch do I move to the next chain to start the dc cluster?<br /><br />I&#39;ve tried different ways but either end up with 2 extra chains (from the beginning ch 3) or everything is so tight it doesn&#39;t look right.<br />please help

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  12. Thank you so much for this pattern! I just finished crocheting a blanket and its so adorable!

  13. How sweet…our first great grandchild is on the way. I reread the article but like a few others, am wondering how much of each color did you purchase? Thanks so much for the pattern!

  14. This is beautiful! How many yards of each color are needed?

    • I used less than one skein of each color for this size blanket.

      • Jazz says:

        Hi, you mentioned one skein of each color, which brand and how many oz was each skein. I would like to make a baby blanket.

        • Lauren says:

          I used Lion Brand Yarn Cotton Ease. The balls weigh 100 grams.

  15. Hi, what is the begining of this pattern please? Do you magic ring &amp; how many?? I can&#39;t seem to start this.

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  17. Hello this is soo pretty. I&#39;m a beginner and am not sure how to make this larger. What do I do?

  18. How do you get it to not start bunching up and looking like ruffles?

  19. I was wondering how I could make this pattern bigger for an adult size. Can anyone tell me how I would do that?

  20. I was wondering how I could make this pattern bigger for an adult size. Can anyone tell me how I would do that?

  21. I have been looking for a pattern just like this, except I want it to be in an adult size rectangle form! Can you tell me how to do this?

  22. Love this pattern! Great for any skill level.

  23. Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern. I made one for my friend for her baby shower. She simply loves it! I had a hard time finding the snow yarn. So I used a different yarn all together but it still came out beautifully. I wish I could show you the blanket. Thanks again.

  24. I&#39;m really having trouble with this pattern and I&#39;m not entirely sure why. Round one gets done just fine, but when I try to move past that, my work ends up circular and it curves inward like a hat. It gets worse if I can actually get to round three. Am I stitching too tightly?

  25. I have a quick question about round 2 of the border. Where did you start the round? The same place as the others, on the corner or somewhere else? Thanks so much!

  26. My best friend just had her babygirl and I cant wait to make this blanket for them. Sooo cute! Thanks!

  27. I am going to make this blanket for a baby girl. I would like to make it bigger in 3 colors also. Please tell me how many skeins of yarn I will need to make it about 36&quot; x 36&quot;? Thank you. You crochet beautifully.

  28. I have made this blanket twice. It appears that the inside square is off from the rest of the blanket? Like it&#39;s crooked.. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your time..

  29. Started this blanket yesterday and I am absolutely loving it. Simple, but beautiful! Thanks so much for the pattern!

    • Chastity says:

      Could you help me I’m having trouble getting started? I am a beginner just to put it out there, but in round 1 I did the dc in the first ch 3 times and then with the sl st i get confused. Do i do it just at the end of the last dc or into chain 2? Or. .?

  30. Making two simultaneously 1) purple white and pink, 2) baby pink gray w/rainbow variated ribbon and white. Even made a flower in the grey outlined in pink fot the 2nd one! Super easy pattern!

  31. I noticed that no one ever got a response to their questions. I personally started it off with a magic circle since it was not working out with the round 1 instructions. For those wondering how to make it larger all you do is keep add rounds until you have reached the desired length before starting with the border instruction. I hope this helps everyone out.

  32. Oh sorry

  33. Chastity says:

    I’m a beginner! Need help! In round 1, I’ve got to the point of sl st to the top of the chain. .. Now what? It says “you will have 4 dc and 4 ch 1 spaces at the end of the round” do you keep going another couple times or are you done? I’m confused. .

  34. Sylvia says:

    does anyone know how to print this pattern and tutorials without downloading pdf software that is on the site.

    • Lauren says:

      All you have to do is drag the Print Friendly into your favorites bar – it’s so easy!

  35. Millie says:

    I just started this pattern and discovered that what she calls clusters is not what I am used to. If you make three dc when she says a cluster, it works up perfectly.

  36. Joan Patton says:

    I am almost finished with my blanket for my motorhome, love this pattern. Thanks so much. Joan

  37. I’m working on a big granny afghan now and I’m noticing a slight pucker as I go. Is this normal? I’ve never made one of these before. Is it necessary to turn the work and work with wrong side facing me?

  38. very upsetting that the free patterns are not able to be printed instead of downloading. I am not real good with the computer and my computer does not have the ability to down load and printing the whole thing (comments and all) is a waste of paper and ink.

    • Lauren says:

      You can use the print friendly button on the sidebar to print everything without ads.

  39. Mary says:

    hello, what a darling pattern. I noticed the directions say to use an “I” hook, but in the pictures, a “H” hook is being used. Suggestions? Thank you, I can’t wait to begin this project!

    • Lauren says:

      I use an I hook. I was using a different type yarn for the sample photos so that’s why there was a discrepancy. Sorry for the confusion :)

  40. christina says:

    Do you chain at all between the clusters going across the row? I know you do in the corners…

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t, but I know some people do in their granny squares.

  41. If you use the magic circle, how many stitches do you need. I love this pattern, but I am a beginner and I can’t get started. Mine has 2 strands in one of the sections and 3 in the other 3. I don’t know what slip stitch into the next 2 and then into the space means. I would appreciate any help from anyone!

  42. Jazz says:

    I would like to make this as a baby blanket, about how much yarn will I need? I love this pattern and so glad you have shared it.

  43. BarbieDawn says:

    Thank you for this beautiful pattern. I need to start on a baby blanket for a friend and found your pattern yesterday. Beautiful colors and will be perfect for the little one. Keep doing what you do best!

  44. Nina Ruiz says:

    I love the color combination on that blanket. I love your hats patterns too.

  45. Lauren says:

    Only in the corner :)

  46. Jenneke says:

    I really like this pattern the colors are so beautiful together. I really would like to make this!

  47. Love this pattern! It’s perfect for baby gifts. I’m sending one off to my cousin this week! Thank you for such an easy, gorgeous pattern!

  48. Pat Delaney says:

    How do I go about expanding the pattern to full size?

    • Lauren says:

      Just keep working. You’ll make two clusters in the corner and one everywhere else.

  49. Nancy says:

    Can u give the dimensions of the finished project…I think mine is coming out small

    • Lauren says:

      Mine is about 18″ square. It’s very easy to keep adding rounds by following the pattern for the previous round.